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Syli d’Or of World Music 11th edition

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11th edition from February 14 to Avril 27, 2017
22 FREE performances / 36 groups / nearly 25 countries


Les SYLI D’OR DE LA MUSIQUE DU MONDE is offering a chance to all participating artists to reach out to a new audience and be discovered by the musical industry. Throughout 22 evenings of concerts, this event is an exceptional showcase of the best talents of the Canadian world musical scene. The 3 finalists who will be awarded Syli d’Or, d’Argent and Bronze will share more than $45,000 of prestigious prizes. The SYLI D’OR recipient will be awarded all the necessary tools allowing him to develop his career nationally and internationally.


Every Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from February 14 to April 27, 2017 at 20.30pm Club Balattou be part of the adventure and encourage the artists of Syli d‘Or de la Musique du Monde and vote for your favorite groups among 36 groups participating in the event.

Syli d’Or de la Musique du Monde, this is the people’s choice award that brings the world together!

To make your vote count:

  • Make sure you receive your coupon of evaluation
  • You must evaluate BOTH groups

Your vote will ONLY be valid once you’ve seen and evaluated both groups.

The shows are free, doors open at 8.30pm, be sure to be there on time!