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Djely Tapa_ fiches spectacles
Thu @ 11:00 pm
Jul 2018

Djely Tapa, invite le R Premier

  Festival Nuits d’Afrique, Les Étoiles Nuits d'Afrique      Editeur d'évenemement Anglais      0 Comments

Sublime, mesmerizing, abounding in energy and endowed with a tenacious character! In the course of her musical encounters, this griot … Continue →

Barbara Guillaune_Shows FINA 2018_600 x 350
Thu @ 8:30 pm
Jul 2018

Barbara Guillaume

  Festival Nuits d’Afrique, Voix du monde      Editeur d'évenemement Anglais      0 Comments

This great lady of Haitian song is imposing, with her warm voice, powerful and dignified, pointing to a purposeful and … Continue →