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Oliver Forest encompasses the very nature of beautiful sadness. Speaking true to their indie genre, Oliver Forest is the epitome of colourful openness, harmonic leads and synth-inspired undertones: all within a relaxed, ambient and easy frame of mind.

All began with Megan Griffin and Josh Cunningham. The duo had been working and performing together for some time when they met William Gaboury (producer at Father & Son Records) at one of their shows. Shortly after, their first original project was born, leading Father & Son Records to sign Oliver Forest and the production of their first album; proudly produced by William Gaboury.

During this time, Megan and Josh gathered the other key members of the band. With Tim Hammond on drums, Jon D’Ambrosio on lead guitar and Andrew Leduc on bass, the band was now complete and recording could get under way in Josh’s hometown of Hudson, QC.

With the support of Father & Son Records, Oliver Forest have already released their first music video for “Shadows” as well as their first self titled album last September.