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Focused + Sule

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Focused is a rap and multi-media artist hailing from Toronto, Canada. His videos and music focus on the subversive, a self-proclaimed truth seeker, he examines our perceived freedoms, equalities and rights.

Focused is will be touring Canada this holiday season with stops in Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.  Focused along with his band mates will be playing January 10th in Montreal and performing both his albums Free2Choose and the newly release Bad Meat LP.  Opening for Focused will be the smooth sounds of Sule

Sule is a consummate, active professional. His music reflects the high premium he’s placed on attention to detail and striving for excellence. His career has spanned many genres, such as Folk, Rock, Jazz, Blues and Gospel to name a few. These styles are seamlessly woven into a tapestry that is the essence of Sule’s sound. His songwriting and stage show are examples of how dedicated he is to his audience, and to his craft. He has released two albums under his own name and is currently working on acoustic material for a third.

For more tour info follow Focused on Facebook and Instagram@Focused Rap